Skip the queue.

Mobile self-checkout technology by qwip. Enjoy a seamless shopping experience without any queues.

Available for download soon.

Multiple Stores

The qwip app gives you access to mobile self-checkout shopping at multiple stores.

Save time

The longest part of supermarket shopping is often having to wait in line - no more queuing needed with qwip.

Complete Data

No one cares about products. People care about ideas. Is a product an idea? Noup. Is a brand? A good one is.

Manage your time,
Shop more, queue less.

Mobile self-checkout is the future.

  • Scan

    Walk around the store as usual, with the added benefits of having a digital basket as you can scan as you shop, and keep track of what you want to buy.

  • Checkout

    Payment is made as convenient as possible with qwip, as you can simply pay with one-touch if you use PayPal, Apple Pay, or G Pay, or simply continue with your card details stored securely on your own device.

  • Walk out.

    Security is one of our most primary focus points at qwip, and you don't need to worry, just make sure your payment has gone through and your e-receipt is available to view - and just don't be a thief! We'd know if you are...


Getting started with qwip

Convenience for the customer is important to us, and there are three simple steps to use qwip.

  • Install the app

    You can sign up using your facebook, google or twitter account. This stores your previous purchase history and other relevant data.

  • Select your store

    When you open the app, we will use your location to detect which store you're shopping at, if there are any issues, you can manually select the store address from a list.

  • Start shopping

    We'd also really appreciate feedback regarding our service, which you can provide through the app at the end of your shopping trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

There's probably a lot of a questions about the service - we're here to address the most common questions.

  • Can I buy anything using qwip?

    You can buy anything that doesn't have any security tags on it, like TV's for example, you'd have to checkout the normal way.

  • Can I see past my shopping history?

    Definitely! On the qwip app, you can browse through your shopping history to see everything you've purchased, where from and when!

  • Does qwip store my data?

    We take data privacy really seriously. We do store your data such as past shopping history, and in the your profile settings, you're able to see the data we have of you. You can read our full data privacy policy [here]

  • Will you provide regular updates?

    There will be tons of different features being explored and developed, and updates for new features and maintenance will be pushed out regularly.

  • How can I get in touch if I'm having some problems?

    You can talk to us at anytime through the live chat in the app!

  • When is qwip expected to release?

    qwip is an ambitious project, and still a big work in progress, sign up to our newsletter if you'd like to get regular updates on our work.

Still have a question? Reach out to us:


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